Update from Zimbabwe

Well it has been one and a half months since my husband and I landed at Harare Airport, Zimbabwe, so here’s a brief summary of what we’ve been up to so far. Our time here has been very fruitful, productive and joy-filled! We have achieved everything we set out to accomplish by the grace of God, for example:

  • Ant obtained residency in Zimbabwe for the next two years
  • We opened a local Zimbabwean joint bank account
  • We moved into our new home and furnished it
  • Our Nissan Navara (Ant’s car) and household belongings, that we shipped from the UK, arrived two weeks ago
  • We bought a Hyundai Excel (my car) about a month ago (It literally had only one lady owner previously – whatever that means! – Ant says thats good)
  • We registered with Cimas Medical Aid Society and with a doctor
  • I registered with a gynaecologist, who is apparently the best in Zim, and had my 20-week scan a few weeks ago (who will also be delivering our baby)
  • I have booked into the maternity section at the hospital to have my baby (as if you don’t book in advance you might not get a bed and be turned away, that’s how busy/popular they are!)
  • We have a reliable internet connection set-up in our home, which means Ant has been able to work from home for over a month now
  • We found a maid who works for us 1 day a week, who does the cleaning and ironing (I’m so grateful for her!)
  • We were given two cutie-pie jack russell puppies from my parents, their names are Salt and Pepper ☺

We’ve got involved and stuck into One Church (a Newfrontiers church plant) and recently completed the three-week Vision & Values Course to become members, and we joined the Vainona “Vainona Massive!” Community Group, which is the closest one to our house. Ant is doing the Sound at church every third Sunday and he’s been asked to oversee the Media Team, which means he gets to church two hours early each Sunday for set-ups and to make sure all Media aspects are running smoothly. Basically, he’s in his element and he’s absolutely loving it!

Ant joined a gym, which is about a 15-minute drive from our house, and he’s been going three days a week – early on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings. I would have loved to join him but of course I’m not allowed, being pregnant and all, how convenient J I am so enjoying seeing how happy Ant has been since he arrived in Zim, I think the laid-back culture and lifestyle really suits him (as well as the hot climate). He gets on really well with the people here and it makes me happy to see him so happy!

I have been a real house-wife doing the cooking, washing, cleaning, baking bread (we have a bread-machine), baking biscuits, buying the groceries, feeding the dogs, and doing bits of Admin for hubby J I’ve also been able to see and connect with old friends and family, some of whom I had not seen for years. I’ve been enjoying going out for coffees, visiting friends and having friends visit me, even some who I hadn’t seen since school days. It’s been fantastic being able to spend time building relationships with new and old friends! I’ve been a real social busy bee J

All in all, I hadn’t realized how much I missed the Zimbabwean lifestyle and wonderful people until I moved back here!

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2 comments on “Update from Zimbabwe
  1. Alex S says:

    Hi Marie and Ant

    I m so very pleased to read the above. I hope you are continually blessed and continue to enjoy your stay at home..

    My thoughts and prayers are with you always

    Love and God Bless


  2. Alwynne says:

    Hi Marie and Ant. Hope you guys are enjoying africa. I miss it a lot. I cant think of anything better than being a child of the lord and a child of africa. Hopefully the lord will guide our young family back to africa at some stage to. I love reading about Zim and hope that the country will be built up again on the right foundation of love trust and mutual respect between the tribes including the white tribe we are part of. May the lord shower you with blessings and guide you on a wonderfull spiritual journey.

    Kind regards
    Alwynne, Christie & little Delané

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